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    MI-01 OTOW Shop Relocation Pipe Clamps
Smart Shop Tips
    ST-01 OTOW SawStop Dust System Clog
    ST-02 OTOW Shop Jigs Available for Projects
    ST-03 OTOW Bosch Miter Saw Specific
    ST-04 OTOW New Shop Kiosk
    ST-05 OTOW Lathe area update
    ST-06 OTOW New Air Compressor and Other Changes
    ST-07 OTOW New Router Guide for Cutting Boards      and Other Projects
“Eye protection and
hearing protection are recommended actions
when working
Iin the Wood Shop.”
At the sign-in desk, there is a box with DVDs that can be borrowed for viewing at home and a notebook to record their loans. They cover basic power tool use and some specific techniques for accomplishing basic tasks. These DVDs are produced by the Wood Workers Guild of America ( and are on permanent loan to the shop from an OTOW Woodshop member. They are not able to be copied; please do not attempt it.
Due to the limited inventory of DVDs and their length, members may borrow only one DVD at a time.
The DVD should not be kept out for more than four days.
To sign out a DVD, find the page in the DVD Sign-Out Notebook for the DVD you are borrowing and enter your name and the date on the next open loan entry line.
When you return the DVD, place it in the correct location in the DVD box and enter the return date on your loan entry line in the DVD Sign-Out Notebook.
Please report any damage or loss to a board member.
Available DVDs
   1    Table Saw           Table Saw Essentials
   2    Table Saw           Advanced Table Saw Techniques
   3    Table Saw           Table Saw Joinery

51     Router                Router Table Joinery
52     Router                Hand Held Router Techniques
53     Router                Router Table Essentials

71     Lathe                  Advanced Turning Techniques
72     Lathe                  Wood Turning Essentials
73     Lathe                  Turning Projects and Techniques

81     Planer & Joiner     Setting Up and Using Joiners and Planers

101     Sharpening          Must Have Sharpening Techniques

121     Band Saw            Band Saw Essentials

Suggested Videos
A tremendous number of  wood working videos are available on the internet.

For your convenience we have selected several you may wish to review. Those marked OTOW were produced in OTOW's Wood Shop.
Band Saw
     BS-1 Band Saw Safety
     BS-2 Band Saw Clinic
     BS-3 OTOW Resawing Jig
     BS-4 OTOW Circle Cutting Sled
BS-5 OTOW New Jet 20 Bandsaw
Drum Sander
    DS-1 OTOW Drum Sander Basics
Table Saw
     TS-0 SawStop Orientation
     TS-1 Table Saw Safety Tips
     TS-2 Table Saw Preventing Kickback
     TS-3 SawStop Table Saw Fundamentals
     TS-4 SawStop Myths
     TS-5 OTOW Shop 3030 Cut Off Sled
     TS-6 OTOW Narrow Strip Ripping Jig A
     TS-7 OTOW Narrow Strip Ripping Jig A Refresher
     TS-8 OTOW Long Board Edge Straightening Jig
TS-9 OTOW SawStop 1 Dust Collector
     TS-10 OTOW SawStop 2 Dust Collector
     TS-11 OTOW SawStop Saftey
@  TS-12 OTOW Resaw Using Table Saw Jig
TS-13 OTOW Spline Cutting Jig
TS-14 OTOW Bevel Cutting on Table Saw
TS-15 OTOW Box Joint Finger Jig
Router Table
     RT-1 Router Table - Basics
RT-2 OTOW Router Table General
     RT-3 OTOW Router Table Fence Use

     RT-4 Router Bits for beginners
  RT-5 OTOW Lock Miter Joint Jigs
Miter Saw/Chop Saw
    MS-1 OTOW Bosch Miter Saw
Member Video Submissions
Turning a Pen Desk Set  -  Frank Campagna
Surface Planer
SP-1 OTOW 20" Surface Planer Care/Use

L-1 OTOW Havrvey Turbo T-60 S Wood Turning Lathe
     L-2  OTOW Turners Tool Storage
@  L-3 OTOW Lathe Tool Sharpenening
@  L-4 OTOW Safely Preparing Log Segment for Lathe
L-5 OTOW Harvey T-40 Lathe
OTOW Woodshop Website
    WS-01 OTOW Woodshop Website Overview
Working with any equipment can be extremely dangerous  - therefore it is very important that our members know the safe and proper use of the shop equipment.

The shop education policy is to help members learn basic, safe machine operation. See Shop Policy 6 - Education in the Documents section of this website. The woodshop is a club of persons interested in woodworking, many of whom are willing to share their knowedge, but it does not function as a woodshop school.

Members who are not familiar with the equipment they intend to use should seek assistance before using the equipment and risking injury or equipment damage.

Equipment demonstrations are scheduled on a regular basis - to view the demonstration schedule visit the Calendar page of this website. An overview of each demonstration is provied on the Eq. Demo page. Members are also notified via email of new demo's and/or schedule change.

Also when new or upgraded equipment is placed in the shop, orientation sessions are scheduled. These sessions are also placed on the shop Calendar.

For assistance in developing advanced woodworking skills (finishing, fret work, box joints, dovetails, etc) you can ask some board members for leads to members that may be willing to tutor you or you can ask around the shop to determine if there is someone that would work with you.
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