Anyone who is a resident of OTOW, Ocala or is a "Gateway of Services" holder may apply for membership.

A second adult member of a household can be a full member of the Wood Shop for one-half the annual dues. The second member will complete a Membership Application and will be considered a full member with voting rights.

If you're interested in joining you should:
On the "Calendar" page, select an Orientation event and sign up.
        1st and 3rd Tuesdays at 0800
        (Click the event, select 'Signup')
. On the "Documents" page, read the By-Laws and Shop Rules
. Optional: Print out and complete the Membership Application
         Turn in Membership App and Dues.(copies available in the shop)
Join the Woodshop Club

Copies of the By-Laws, Rules and Membership Application are available in the Documents section of this website.

Copies of the Membership Application are also available at the shop.