Lathe Sessions for Woodshop Members

Do you have an interest in learning woodturning?
If so, read the information below and decide if you would like to pursue it further.

Basic Lathe Sessions Information

This program is for people with little or no lathe experience.  The program will provide a good start in this craft which has endless opportunities for creative, satisfying activity.

The program consists of a series of 5 or 6 weekly 3 hour sessions.  There is also some ‘homework’ to be done between sessions.  Missing one session can usually be made up but one should really try to attend all the sessions to be successful. Sessions will likely start in mid-September.

The participants are in two groups of four and each group meets once a week.  Information is discussed as a group. Skills are demonstrated and then practiced by all the participants.

Four lathes are used concurrently and there is a leader with each participant to coach during the practice times.  Participants are encouraged to practice on their own or with a leader if one is available between sessions.  Tools are provided. Participants should not purchase any tools before the starting the sessions.  The participants will learn a comprehensive set of turning basics and will make a simple spindle turned piece and a simple face turned bowl. 

There is no cost for attending the sessions.  There will be costs of about $15 for materials. 
While no great strength or dexterity is needed, participants should be able to stand for an hour at a time, grip tools reasonably easily and have some arm and shoulder strength.  In general, people are surprised by how mental the work is and how easy it is physically. If you are not sure if you are OK physically, contact Dave Keitz he will try to advise you.

If you are interested, sign up on the calendar for the Lathe Sessions

The following is a list of available demonstrations with a brief description of each

check the "Calendar" for current schedule
Woodshop Orientation tour of the shop and various equipment
Lathe – Beginners see side bar
Miter and Band Saw – Orientation Basic use of eq with some hands-on
Planer and Drill Press demo and hands-on of both planer and drill press
Router Table – Basics
Router table information and demo
Router Table – Advanced Router table operation and hands-on
Sanders - Shop Floor and Bench Info and demo of all sanders
Saw Stop -Table Saw
Review of saw features
Table Saw - Basic Operation Basic operation of our table saw
Table Saw – Advanced Use of sleds and jigs advanced cuts

several videos are also available
check the "Education" page